What SBC leaders say about Welch
Jun 8, 2004

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Bobby Welch: A Florida Baptist Witness Special Report
“The prayers of fellow Southern Baptists over the past two years have been among the sweetest and dearest of blessings in my life, my church, my ministry and my family. I feel I have fresh clarity for prayer and eager desire to see Bobby Welch lead us forward in
the work of Christ in this generation. He is a preacher and a leader I admire and love. I pray for great wisdom and great faith in the days to come. He is a man on mission with God and, I believe, will challenge us all to be faithful to Great Commission purposes and dreams in the days to come.”
Southern Baptist Convention president and pastor, Prestonwood Baptist Church, Plano, Texas


“I have known Bobby Welch for almost 40 years. I have the greatest respect for him. He is a ‘what you see is what you get’ man. He will make an excellent president.”
former SBC president
pastor, First Baptist Church Jacksonville


“He has been a friend for more years than we like to talk about. He was on the Search Committee that invited me to come to Florida in 1989. In fact, Bobby came by my room after the meeting was over to encourage me to pray about it. He has been a friend and encourager in my work as executive director-treasurer.”
executive director-treasurer Florida Baptist Convention


“Bobby Welch is a class act who has stood tall in the effort these past years to return the SBC to its biblical roots. He is a Kingdom man and will bring out the best in those around him.”
former SBC president
president, LifeWay Christian Resources

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