ReVision Florida
Nov 21, 2013
MIAMI (FBW)—During almost every month, two or three Baptist churches are started in Miami. According to Miami Baptist Association Director of Missions Gary Johnson, the volume of new churches contributes to winning a lost city for Christ.

“Why plant so many churches? If a church start reaches 100 people, and if we start 1,000 churches like that, we could reach 100,000 people. If a church start lasts only five years, it is still good because we reach people with the Gospel,” he said.
Nov 12, 2013
JACKSONVILLE (FBC)—As the hurricane season draws to a close and Thanksgiving season draws near, Florida Baptists are called to “A Day of Thanks” on Sunday, Nov. 24, an opportunity to express gratitude to God for His protection from devastating weather in the Sunshine State during 2013.
Nov 7, 2013
JACKSONVILLE (FBW)—Fruit Cove Baptist Church baptized 47 new believers Sept. 29 - 42 in the church’s first beach baptism. Pastor Tim Maynard said he hoped the beach venue would attract those who had previously made professions of faith but had delayed baptism. Baptisms were also conducted in the morning and evening services at church.

After cancelling the outdoor baptism the week before because of storms, members of the church travelled 20 miles east on a rainy Sunday afternoon to Mickler’s Landing, a popular public access along St. Augustine Beach.
Nov 7, 2013
JACKSONVILLE (FBC)—Although Jacksonville Baptist Association held its 135th annual meeting just weeks ago, make no mistake, it’s not time to pull out the rocking chairs, share nostalgia or even ask for a senior discount.

Jacksonville Baptist Association—with its 209 member congregations mirroring its multicultural city—has a “faith-filled vision of the future,” said Rick Wheeler, the association’s lead missional strategist (formerly known as director of missions) since 2011.
Feb 20, 2013
Evangelicals in America—including Florida Baptists—lack a “deep sense of brokenness” because of our self-reliance. Until there is dependence on God and total brokenness in our midst, we will not see revival.

That was the message of Clayton Cloer during a Feb. 7 worship service held in conjunction with the State Board of Missions meeting at Lake Yale Baptist Conference Center. The brief message—only about 10 minutes—prefaced a time of extended prayer, following a pattern led by Cloer at meetings around the state since the fall of 2011 as part of the ReVision Florida effort.
Nov 9, 2011
JACKSONVILLE—The winds of revival are sweeping across the Sunshine State compelling 65 Florida Baptist congregations to make commitments to let the movement begin with them.
Nov 2, 2011
ORLANDO (FBC)—Billed as “the largest conference call for prayer in the history of the church in the state,” all Florida Baptist pastors are being challenged to join “Call2 Fall,” a statewide conference call of pastors praying for revision and revival.

“Call2Fall,” set for Thursday, Nov. 10 at 8 p.m. EDT, is “an urgent invitation to ‘call to fall’ on our knees before God,” said Clayton Cloer.
Nov 2, 2011
Could it be that God is beginning a renewal movement of His Holy Spirit among Florida Baptists?

In recent weeks, nearly 300 Florida Baptists participated in seven ReVision Florida meetings across the state. The meetings were organized by Clayton Cloer, pastor of First Baptist Church of Central Florida in Orlando and leader of the State Board of Missions task force charged with implementing the revival and renewal recommendation of the Imagine If Great Commission Resurgence report adopted at last year’s annual meeting of the Florida Baptist State Convention.
Oct 26, 2011
JACKSONVILLE (FBW)—Jeff Stading, pastor of Bayless Highway Baptist Church in Starke, left home in the dark early morning hours to attend the “ReVision Florida” meeting at Fruit Cove Baptist Church in metropolitan Jacksonville, determined to hear for himself how spiritual renewal can be accomplished among Florida Baptists.

He said the Oct. 24 meeting, bathed in a 20-minute prayer time, presented the appropriate focus to bring spiritual renewal. “We will never experience harvest if we don’t start it in prayer.”
Oct 17, 2011
Next meetings, Oct. 18 in Tampa, Fort Myers; Oct. 20 in Pensacola, Graceville
ORLANDO (FBC)- “There is going to have to be a movement of God among us” to bring revival and renewal to Florida Baptists, observed Clayton Cloer, pastor of First Baptist Church of Central Florida in Orlando.

The Orlando pastor spoke Oct. 10 to a group of 22 fellow pastors and Florida Baptist Convention staff at the first of seven regional meetings Cloer is hosting to introduce and create awareness about “ReVision Florida,” a marketing emphasis designed to encourage revival, spiritual renewal and refocusing upon the Great Commission.

The “ReVision Florida” emphasis is one of 27 action plans recently approved by the State Board of Missions. The plans were in response to recommendations proposed by the “Imagine If. . . Great Commission Resurgence (GCR) Taskforce” that were approved by the Florida Baptist State Convention last Nov. 8-9, 2010.
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