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Feb 11, 2014
In Siberia you walk, or take public transportation everywhere you go. After serving a year in Novosibirsk, Russia as a church planter I began noticing a numb tingling feeling in my left arm after walking a mile across town in -30 temps. A month later the numbness in my left arm came after walking six blocks. Eventually the numbness was developing by simply climbing the stairs to our apartment. I went online and researched my symptoms and it said I should call 911 (Russia does not have that #) or I should be dead. So my wife Amy said to call the IMB and ask them what the protocol is for this kind of scenario. I called and they said, “We want you on a plane to Budapest Hungary in 3 hours.” I can remember saying to myself “what in the world is going on God.” Little did I know that getting on that plane would be my last time in Novosibirsk for a very long time.
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