Point of View: It’s time for a GCR
Special for Florida Baptist Witness

Article Date: Mar 10, 2010

I’m sure you’ve probably read the report released by the Southern Baptist Convention Great Commission Resurgence Task Force. I’m deeply grateful for the vision, passion, and leadership given by this team of leaders. We were all reminded that the foundation for a Great Commission Resurgence begins in our lives personally and in our churches corporately. How can we act as if we are not in a crisis mode when the population is increasing and our baptisms are decreasing? How can we be content with business as usual when we are not affecting lostness in our region, state, country, and world more effectively? Are we burdened that we don’t have a burden? Why are we not in a spiritual disaster relief mode for the lost who are headed into an eternal disaster? A literal hell.

Is it time for a Great Commission Resurgence in the Southern Baptist Convention? Is it time for a Great Commission Resurgence in the Florida Baptist Convention? Is it time to transition from being program-driven churches and conventions to missional churches and conventions. One more question, “Is there a hell?” If not, we don’t really need to live in a crisis mode and do whatever it takes to rescue the lost and perishing in our regions, state, country, and world. If there is a hell, then we have no choice but to obey God and get busy chang­ing what­­ever needs to be changed to be more effective and efficient in fulfilling the Great Commission!

I’m quite confident that it is highly probable that all who are reading this article believe in the reality of a literal hell. The inerrant Word of God is very clear about that. But, does our orthopraxy match our orthodoxy? How is that we can be so doctrinally correct yet so missionally incorrect? How can we be so defensive about religious systems, church traditions, or denominational programs, all of which Jesus did not die for, but not zealous about having a hot heart for the lost souls of mankind?

If there is not a hell, none of this matters. Let’s preserve our systems, bureaucracies, turfs, programs, and man-made denominational ideals that are so near and dear to so many. If there is a hell, let’s realize none of this matters and we need to make whatever changes are needed to share the hope, love, and life found only in Christ.

It’s time. Let’s seek God afresh. Let’s put aside our religiosity, pride, selfishness, and preservationist mentality and embrace the needed changes to help us better fulfill the Great Commission.

There is a hell. We need to devote our energies and efforts to streamline as much as possible in a cooperative effort to reach people for Jesus! Let’s make it hard for people to go to hell! Let’s experience a Great Commission Resurgence in our churches and conventions! Let’s come together like never before as Florida Baptists and Southern Baptists and support the leadership of our SBC president Johnny Hunt and the Great Commission Resurgence Task Force. Let’s help de-populate hell and populate heaven!

Imagine If....

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