Point of View: Focus on Great Commission—‘Pretty simple. Great challenge’
Executive Director-Treasurer

Article Date: May 26, 2010

I love being a Southern Baptist. However, being one doesn’t mean I necessarily understand one! Case in point: It seems to me that we are more fired up about the report to the Southern Baptist Convention on the Great Commission than we are about the Great Commission. 

I am not a blogger, nor the “son of a blogger,” but every now and then my staff will pass along something they think I must read. Some of the recent ones on the GCR report have been “enlightening” to say the least. Some sound like two little boys arguing over who believes the most about the Great Commission.

All the votes in the world will not determine whether or not we are Great Commission doers.  Before you jump to conclusions, I know we are voting on a report not the commission. My point is—and I will vote my conscience—voting will help us catch focus but it will not solve our dilemma. Only individual responsibility for the claims of Christ on our lives will cause a resurgence in pushing back the darkness. Pretty simple. Great challenge.

The more I study the Acts 1:6-8 restatement of the Great Commission the more I realize its simplicity. There are only two commitments necessary to make it happen: (1) Acceptance of authority; and (2) Application of audacity. Pretty simple. Great challenge.

My appeal: We need to gather in Orlando, express gratitude for the Task Force and the emotional and physical hours they gave to accomplish what we asked of them; debate our concerns; vote our convictions; enjoy the fellowship and win as many to Christ as we can during the process. Pretty simple. Great challenge.

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SoaringEagle (5/26/2010)
John: I found your first paragraph demeaning and condescending. Since the report, and NOT the commission, is what we will be voting on it seems self-evident it would be the main subject of conversation. That conversation would be undertaken while CONTINUOUSLY at the task of the Great Commission. Les Coggins - Les Coggins, DeLand, FL

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