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Article Date: Nov 28, 2012

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America's 'impending tragedy'

America has lost it’s moral compass. For this cause alone we face the threat of our demise. Yes, we are no less than an impending tragedy.

Take a long hard look at us: We have “conveniently” murdered over 55 million babies in the past forty years. We callously consider using their torn bodies for research to mend and heal the living. We who know better sit largely in silence rather than raise our voices in furious and sustained protest against this infamy. We have easily accepted “alternate lifestyles” which are an abomination to the Lord. We give a pence or maybe a reluctant (but proud) tithe to the Lord’s work and expect showers of blessing for grudgingly doing our duty without a corresponding cheerfulness. Our churches teeter on the edge of insolvency because we are unfaithful to the Lord. We neglect the fundamental of our calling—to generously undergird our mission to the lost of the world. We selfishly retain an abundance of what the Lord has provided us and offer the world a pittance.

Yes, we are all tarred with the same brush. We have no excuse for our own or the nation’s moral failure.

Thus, we are all subject to the Lord’s judgment.

God help us.

Larry Stracener
Winter Park


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