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Article Date: Dec 5, 2012

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‘Very disturbing’ claim

It was very disturbing to read the message by Kevin Cosby regarding the “xenophobia” of Jesus and his struggle with racism (“Pastors’ conference speaker claims Jesus was ‘xenophobic,’ later admits He was sinless,” Nov. 22, 2012). This sounds more like black liberation theology than sound biblical teaching. 

Jesus was all man and all God but he never treated anyone with coarse or crude contempt as implied here. Nor can I imagine him talking down to and insulting this woman by calling her “honey.” Mr. Cosby seems to view the Son of God as extremely small, petty and vulgar.

Pennie J. Patania

Churches contributed to political division

During the latter weeks of the 2012 presidential campaign season, churches were encouraging, and asking prayer for congregants to vote for the candidate who supported religious freedom, sanctity of marriage and sanctity of life. Those biblical principles are supported by this writer, and most believers, but the method utilized was not. These were the code words, and prayer was the method, for the churches to get involved in party politics, yet technically not violate laws of political engagement, and indirectly endorse a candidate. And since voters are not dumb, all knew who was the candidate being endorsed. As a result, the churches became the source of more division than unification. The institution that is to promote unity and love, helped make the United States of America, the “Divided” States of America. 

Just as God commands the beliefs stated in the foregoing, He also commands us to love one another and show that love in accordance with Matt. 25:31-46 by helping others. The Republican candidate did not emphasize love and compassion for all people to the degree as he did the foregoing commands. The Democratic candidate emphasized love, compassion and helping all people, particularly the needy, but that was not brought out. 

The prayer should have been for God’s will to be done in the election. The pastors and others should have called on God to select the leader and for the people to pray for the leader to govern in godliness and dignity, as Paul instructed Timothy (1 Tim. 2:1-2). God loves believers who supported Democrats just as much as Republicans. Moreover, Democrats pray also, but their prayer, specifically by this writer, was for God to appoint the person who would seek to represent all of the people, and encourage love for all people. 

It is my hope that the Southern Baptist Convention will now encourage prayer for unity and love with the same fervor as the campaign prayers led to disunity. There is more diversity in the supporters/voters of the candidate not endorsed than in the Southern Baptist Convention. Consequently, there may be a model for the convention to seek. Be careful what you pray for. God’s will shall be done.

Theodore Taylor

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