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Article Date: Jan 9, 2013

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Christians, stand up 

I write in response to the letter to the editor, “Churches contributed to political division,” in the Dec. 6 print edition. 

The recent presidential election was indeed divisive. Did the churches contribute to it? The writer seems to complain that it was easy to see the distinction between the candidates. I agree. One supported killing the unborn; the other didn’t. One supported the continued destruction of the family through undermining God-ordained marriage; the other didn’t. One favored limits on religious freedom; the other didn’t. The distinctions were indeed clear. 

The question for me was and is: how could Christians disagree on these issues that are so fundamental? Why should there be division over these issues? One position is clearly biblical; the other clearly unbiblical. These are not only serious spiritual issues that affect every believer, they are issues that have an effect on America and God’s blessings on her. These issues cannot be sacrificed on the altar of diversity or for the sake of unity. 

I surely agree that we must take our stands in as loving a manner as possible, but take a stand we must! 

Joel A. Chappell Sr.
Rickman, Tenn.

American Christians, live like missionaries

I read the insightful article by Freddy Davis in the Nov. 22 print edition, “It’s official: America’s values are not Christian values.” 

I would like to add that we have not had the “cultural home field advantage” for some time in America. But instead of despair about what we see slipping away, we should shift our mindset to that of the early church. The church was born into a non- and/or anti-Christian culture. In response, the church emphasized reaching out and sharing the Good News in every possible way. 

Having served as a missionary in a country with a minority Christian population, I know how a missionary thinks and plans. Welcome, fellow believers, more than ever in America, we are missionaries. Think and live like a missionary. You will find it exciting, challenging, and full of blessings.

Donald Miller


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