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Article Date: Feb 8, 2013

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Displaced deity

It is all but official: the White House rules the United States without benefit of divine guidance.

Kings and presidents have long been known to call upon heaven or their deity of choice for guidance. People expect this and the national conscious is comforted by it. Our deity has now been displaced by what passes for the pitiable “wisdom” of man.

Public pronouncements belie any other conclusion than that of a head of state who offers no real evidence of his reliance on the Almighty. The president’s convenient pre-election day comment that he supports gay marriage certainly did not hurt his campaign, and runs completely counter to divine order.

On the other hand, consider Michelle Obama’s comment that she supports abortion rights and “would want her [growing] daughters to have the right of choice.”

We are left with the indelible impressions of an easy acceptance of that which the Lord describes as an abomination, as well as leaving the life or death fate of one’s future grandchild to the abortionist’s knife.

For many years I have believed while government can never be a moral arbiter, it must set a moral example.

To publicly state support of any lifestyle or practice that flies in the face of the nation’s theistic philosophy, its annual observance of sanctity of human life, and against the belief systems of perhaps as much as half the population is to bring us perilously closer to divine wrath.

The president, who has sworn to “protect and defend” the United States Constitution, would do well to heed the Lord’s warning: “Of every life I will demand an accounting…” (Gen. 9:5).

Larry Stracener
Winter Park

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