Point of View: Banning the Bible
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Article Date: Apr 24, 2013

According to Christian News Network, “The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that biblical speech opposing homosexual behavior, including in written form, is essentially a hate crime.” The court, in upholding the conviction of William Whatcott, guilty of a hate crime for distributing flyers against homosexuality, ruled that anything, even the sacred text of Scripture, can be banned if it “has the potential to incite or inspire discriminatory treatment.”

Whatcott, who has been ordered to pay $7,500 to two homosexuals offended over his leaflets, as well as all the legal fees accumulated in the prosecution of his case by the Human Rights Commission (fees which may amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars), called the court ruling “terrible.” He added, “What it means is that my life is over as I know it.” Other lives are at risk of being destroyed because the court “used the concept that truth is not a defense” in the prosecution of hate crimes, Whatcott said.

Having come to a country near you, how much longer do you believe it will be before the truth of the Bible is banned in America? If Frank Bruni, columnist for The New York Times, has his way, it will be just around the corner. In a recent column, Bruni called the biblical belief of Southern Baptists that homosexuality is a sin the “last bastion and engine of bigotry” against “the full acceptance of gay and lesbian Americans.”

In his column, “Reading God’s Mind,” Bruni accuses Bible-believing Christians of claiming spiritual telepathy in regards to the divine mind. He goes on to accuse Bible believers of unbelievable arrogance for insisting that they know the thoughts of God and “that God’s will is easily known.”

What Bruni conveniently overlooks is the fact that no one needs to read God’s mind, since God has clearly told us what He thinks in His Word—the Bible. Now, Bruni makes the same lame argument that many an unbeliever makes, namely, that “you can twist the Bible any way you want.” Yet, it is folks like Bruni who do all of the twisting. Southern Baptists, on the other hand, believe the Bible means what it says and says what it means.

Southern Baptists have long been called “the people of the book.” We interpret the Bible with common sense when it makes perfect sense. Others, like Bruni, in an attempt to tailor the Bible to their own fancy, try to make other sense of it. In the end, they end up espousing nonsense; such as, what the Bible clearly condemns as sin cannot be positively known to be opposed by God and contrary to His will.

What Bruni calls bigotry is what Southern Baptists see as biblical. Now, Bruni and hordes of others like him may believe that their thinking is better for them than biblical tenets. They have the God-given right and freedom to do so. However, as Jesus warned, they’ll be judged in the end by whether or not they lived up to the teachings of God’s Word, not by whether or not they lived up to their own thinking (John 12:48).

Unlike the Brunis of our world, Southern Baptists believe that God’s Word is better for us than our wits, which explains why we preach God’s Word to the world. Our preaching, far from being motivated by hate and bigotry, is motivated by love and genuine concern for our fellowman. We want what is best for him; namely, God’s will which is spelled out for us in God’s Word.

This explains why we seriously devote ourselves to the study of Scripture and to plainly proclaiming it to others. It’s the scripturally illiterate Frank Brunis of our world who twist the Scripture in order to smear it, as well as misrepresent the motives of Southern Baptists in order to slander us. Yet, we’re bigots for speaking forth what we know the Bible plainly says, while the Frank Brunis of our world are without prejudice in their condemnation of what they know nothing about it—neither the Book nor the people of the Book.

Don Walton is pastor of New Hope Baptist Church in Zephyrhills and founder of Time for Truth Ministries. This article originally appeared on his blog, www.blogandmayblog.com

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