Letter to the Editor: Uplifting story: “Power of one, power of prayer”

Article Date: Jan 17, 2014

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Uplifting story: “Power of one, power of prayer”

I just had to write to tell you how much I enjoyed the Witness article on Corporal George Prom [Nov. 8, 2013 http://on.gofbw.com/16Mq9qf].

It truly is an uplifting story about the “power of one, and the power of prayer.”  Here he is in an impossible place and situation taking the time to minister to others who were in need. A kind gesture to offer food to the souls of those in need and Jesus to the hearts and souls of so many.

Each one of us has the power to make a change in the lives of others.

Like Corporal Prom, we need to set a time and do it.

If we would all reach out to others in our everyday lives we could make a lasting change in many hearts and the world would be enriched by our efforts.

Thank you,

Kay Gibbs



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