Sullivan: God is all He promises; Live what you preach
Executive Director-Treasurer

Article Date: Jan 17, 2014

God is all He promises to be! I have preached it for over 50 years.

Then suddenly life’s circumstances force you to live by what you preach. Such has been my lot in 2013.

I have no intention of giving a medical treatise or tell of my physical challenges in 2013. But it has been the first journey of this nature in my life. In the past, physical issues were solved by “giving me a shot” or “putting in a stent” and I was ready to go! Not this time. After a long time trying to get the issues corrected, surgery was the only answer. 

During this journey I have been blessed that so many of you have sent cards, voice mails and emails letting me know you and your church folks were praying for me. Not really just me, but for us, for Nancy has been a great care giver. Thank you so much.

The surgery took place Nov. 26 and I returned to work Jan. 2. I am making excellent progress.

My journey has been one of prayer and trust. I have had a lot of time to do both. 

Psalm 46 has never been more precious; Phil. 2 never more profound; Rev. 5 never more revealing; 1 Cor. 13 ever more true. Jesus has been so faithful. It was not long in the journey that I stopped looking for green pastures and still waters and fixed my eyes on Him! Talking with Him is even better than talking about Him.

Thank you for your interest, concern and prayers. Continue to pray as I make full recovery. Know we love you. No one has been more blessed.

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