Point of View: Cooperative Program, an acronym

Article Date: Feb 6, 2014

This acronym was sent in from a retired Florida Baptist pastor. It was printed on the front page of the “The Baptist Beacon,” a publication of Pennyroyal Baptist Church in Franklin, Ohio, and is dated May 21, 1975. The publication writer of the front page, pastor Calvin Terry, notes: “I think back to the celebration of the Anniversary of the Cooperative Program and yet to be celebrated at the Southern Baptist Convention in Miami Beach, this June. I ask myself the question again, What does the Cooperative Program mean to you? While looking at the emblem of the Cooperative Program, these thoughts occurred to me.”

Calls our attention to a Planned financial program.

Offers the Right financial support for world missions.

Offers the Only means of equal stewardship involvement.

Puts the Gospel on the globe simultaneously.

Earns for us the Right prestige with God in evangelism.

Reaches All the different people of the world.

Answers the call to many Missions needs—spiritual and social.

Tithing through the local church is the key.

Is an investment where it is the most productive.

Varies with the size of the church budget.

Every Baptist becomes a home and foreign missionary through its support.



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