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Article Date: Apr 23, 2014

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The Golden Coin Challenge

What can one dollar accomplish for the Kingdom of God?  That was the challenge Pastor Matt Gilmore issued in February to his congregation, Mt. Tabor Baptist, a small church in north Lakeland.  Matt had been preaching a sermon series on stewardship entitled, “The Almighty and the Dollar”.  His sermon that week was the story of the widow’s mite found in Mark 12:42-44.  At the end of the service, golden one dollar coins were given to anyone willing to take the “Golden Coin Challenge”: How much difference can you make by investing one coin in the Kingdom of God?

Rita, a deacon’s wife, couldn’t sleep that night due to all the thoughts that were swirling through her head.  She felt that God was pouring ideas into her heart.  She couldn’t wait for morning to arrive so she could begin on the project.  Her husband, Tom, invested his dollar in her project as well. Using materials she already had, and using her two coins to buy what she lacked, she created a poster on human trafficking. She also made small silver and blue hearts on key chains to sell for one dollar each.  Tom took some of the hearts to a breakfast he has with friends every Monday morning. After telling them about the challenge, his friends donated $55 toward the cause and told him to keep the hearts to resale. In all, Rita and Tom raised $161 to help the FBCH shelter for children rescued from human trafficking.

The Youth Pastor’s 7-year-old son, Malachi, wanted to combine the four coins from their family and provide a meal for one cottage “family” at the Florida Baptist Children’s Home.  His mom, Jenn, knew four dollars wouldn’t go too far, but when the rest of the family and some friends heard about Malachi’s ministry idea, they all wanted to be a part of it.  Jenn ended up with $50 and their family was able to  provide spaghetti, rolls, salad and cookies for the “family” of 10 at the FBCH.

One man in the church invested his coin with some of his own money in tracts and passed them out at the mall. Several people invested in the church’s food ministry and were led to add their money to the coin to provide more food for the growing number of people needing help. One couple bought a Bible to give to someone who couldn’t afford their own.  A trucker combined some of his own money with the coin to help a needy traveler who offered to wash his windshield.  Some invested in VBS materials for the neighborhood children.  One extended family combined their coins to invest in Samaritan’s purse to help persecuted Christians in Iraq.

Can one coin make a difference in God’s kingdom? Yes! When God’s people are listening to His voice and responding in obedience to His directions, one dollar can make all the difference!

Debbie Cloud
Mt. Tabor Baptist Church


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