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Article Date: Aug 13, 2014

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Article on Haiti hits home 

Florida Baptist Witness,
I just wanted to write and say thank you! The July 3 article “For 20 years, Florida Baptists have helped Haitians escape the darkness” by Cristin Wilson was really good.
I have been going to Haiti since 1998. I have been over 80 times in the last 16 years. I served for 13 years as our Partnership leader (Dr. John Holloway now serves in that role). I now serve as Lead Strategist in our Missional Support Group. 
Thanks also for focusing on Pastor Delouis B. Labranche. I have seen him grow up in the Lord over the last 20 years. He is such a man of God.
Thanks for helping us “Tell the Story.” 
Craig E. Culbreth
Lead Strategist, Missional Support Group, Florida Baptist Convention

SBC  annual meeting may not matter to Millennials
Florida Baptist Witness,
Regarding your June 26 column, “Are annual meetings still relevant for the SBC?,” excellent column! My thoughts exactly. I love the annual meeting and wish everyone would go. But we are moving into a new day. I am not sure Millennials are going to consider it important.
James H. Wigton
Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church, Cape Coral

Churches need to address mental-health prejudice
Florida Baptist Witness,
Concerning the June 26 article, “Churches sharpen focus on mental-health issues, but stigma remains”; prejudice and discrimination remain.
“Stigma” is a word of victimizers. They direct the term. Prejudice and discrimination represent the issue accurately, they are the actions of the victimizer.
Prejudice and discrimination remain, calling those “stigma” only continues the prejudice.
My suggestion for your churches: Begin addressing the prejudice and discrimination, do not add to it.
Harold A. Maio, Fort Myers

Reader doesn’t like use of term “gay marriage”
Florida Baptist Witness,
My concern is our use of the term “gay marriage” (“Gay marriage now claims the Northeast,” June 5). The Bible does not recognize this term.
However, its use is being repeated by all religous denominations. God says marriage is between one natural man and one natural woman. I believe what our holy Scripture’s definition is.
My concern is our usage lends validity and acceptance of this by our repeating it.
Could you and others consider another term to refer to gay marriage without linking it to Southern Baptists? We are on solid ground to do so.
Richard Brown, Plant City

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