Rebecca St. James passionate about pro-life message
Nov 30, 2009
Witness Correspondent

TAMPA (FBW)—Grammy and Dove Award winning recording artist, author and actress Rebecca St. James, who stars in a soon-to-be-released pro-life motion picture, helped Life Impact Network (LIN) celebrate the rescue so far this year of nearly 300 unborn babies at their annual fundraising gala Nov. 5.

St. James, a long-time supporter of the True Love Waits campaign that encourages young people to save sex for marriage, said she became passionate about supporting crisis pregnancy centers when two of her friends shared with her how their lives were devastated by abortion.

“The stories they’ve told me, with tears dripping from their faces, are agonizing. The enemy is out to steal, kill and destroy, and he is doing it through abortion,” St. James said.

A year ago, St. James said God called her to move to California to pursue opportunities to bring a Christian perspective to Hollywood films. Because of her two friends who had been traumatized by abortions, St. James attended a fundraiser for a California crisis pregnancy center.

That night, St. James said, God ignited her heart for the unborn, and she knew God was going to give her a song for the pro-life message.
Two months later, St. James secured the role of the title character in the new film, “Sarah’s Choice,” about a young woman who finds her world turned upside down by an unplanned pregnancy. Sarah struggles with the decision of whether or not to abort her baby.

St. James wrote the song, “Little One,” for the movie. The song celebrates life, taking an honest look at both Sarah’s fears and her love for her unborn child.

St. James said that while her character in the movie has a good support system of people who encourage her to keep her baby, many young girls who find themselves in a similar situation do not have anyone encouraging them to choose life.

“A lot of girls need people to step in and say, ‘We will love you. We will be Jesus’ hands and feet. We will help you make this right decision,’” St. James said.

LIN, a multi-faceted pro-life organization, is supported by several Tampa Bay Baptist Association churches, including First Baptist Church in Citrus Park, Idlewild Baptist Church in Lutz, First Baptist Church in New Tampa, Myrtle Lake Baptist Church, Seminole Heights Baptist Church and South Tampa Fellowship.

What began as a small post-abortion healing center in Tampa in 1986 has grown into LIN, an “umbrella organization” that encompasses four distinct pro-life, anti-abortion ministries.

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