Floyd: GCR is 'missional impact movement'
Mar 4, 2010

NASHVILLE (FBW)—The Great Commission Resurgence Task Force hopes to spark a “missional impact movement,” not a denominational reorganization, Ronnie Floyd said in a wide-ranging interview with state Baptist newspaper editors Feb. 23.

Floyd sat down for the hour-long interview the morning after presenting a “progress report” on the work of the GCRTF to the Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee on Feb. 22. The interview was with the editors of Illinois Baptist, Southern Baptist TEXAN, Baptist Messenger in Oklahoma, and Florida Baptist Witness.

‘Re-invention’ of NAMB

Concerning the task force’s “re-invention” of the North American Mission Board, Floyd repeatedly stressed the priority of church planting envisioned for the entity – at least 50 percent of its funding – and its need to directly appoint and hold accountable its own missionaries.

GCRTF-produced graphic depicting its recommended re-invented North American Mission Board. To see the full PDF file, click here. GCRTF Graphic
The GCRTF’s “heart,” he said, is that a church planting “culture” will be “cool” in the SBC.

“It’s biblical, so it ought to be cool,” Floyd said.

Floyd said NAMB has been criticized in the past for being ineffective, some of which may have been merited criticism.

Nevertheless, “We have a system that did not let them be successful and the system basically was depending on so many parties for success and then they don’t even have control over their own success,” Floyd said of NAMB.

Floyd, who came from a meeting with NAMB trustee and administration leadership before the interview with the editors, said NAMB leadership enthusiastically supports the GCRTF recommendations.

He showed the editors a graphic depicting the reorganized NAMB and its ministry assignments as drafted by the GCRTF.

State conventions and Cooperative Agreements

Under the prospective re-organized NAMB, Floyd was asked about the task force’s recommendation that current Cooperative Agreements with state Baptist conventions will be phased out over a four-year period, along with the $50 million in state annual funding currently tied to the agreements.

Although NAMB may continue to work with state conventions on projects, including church planting, Floyd said the GCRTF believes those projects must fit into NAMB’s national strategy and be accountable to NAMB.

Floyd declined to specifically address the role state conventions would play in church planting, assuming adoption of the GCR report.

“I think that will have to be worked out ultimately with the North American Mission Board and their future vision of what that needs to be as they try to move 50 percent of their money and time and resources to church planting,” he said.

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