The Cooperative Program Factor: Mandate, Missions, Ministries
The Great Commission mandate, God-given mission strategies and life-changing ministries
Apr 14, 2010

Following the Great Commission Mandate, the Florida Baptist Convention has set as its priorities to reach people for Jesus Christ, start new churches and strengthen existing churches. The summary of the following diverse and multi-faced ministries represent a year’s work of the Florida Baptist Convention and its staff. The list is not exhaustive, but representative.

The Florida Baptist Convention through the Cooperative Program:

Assists in planting new churches to reach unchurched people:

Started 116 new churches including: 22 African-American 40 Anglo and 54 language for Hispanic, Haitian, Brazilian, Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese and Burmese people groups.

Provided $327,000 in church-site interest-free loans and $775,000 new work loans.

Trained 260 pastors and key leaders in church planting conferences.

Provided financial assistance to 154 newly planted congregations.

Equips churches to reach the 70 percent of Floridians without a relationship with Christ:

Encouraged, motivated and trained Florida Baptist church leaders in baptizing 41,807 persons—34,414 in the Sunshine State and 7,376 in Haiti.

Supported 65 Florida Baptist Convention field staff who collectively made 5,612 gospel presentations, led 1,480 Bible studies, 2,239 worship services and reported 3,043 professions of faith.

Employed the Florida Baptist Convention staff who led 11,827 personal conferences, 8,740 group conferences and 485 church planting conferences for 179,379 persons.

Led “Battle Ready,” “Soulwinning: The Ultimate Mandate,” special evangelism events and other evangelism conferences.

Held youth evangelism events where 1,300 teenagers and youth leaders were equipped to share their faith; and 86 teens made professions of faiths and 250 made spiritual decisions.

Led Convention-sponsored prayer equipping conferences, prayer seminars and worship services for church leaders and laypeople from 397 Florida Baptist churches.

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