Aloma’s George accepts Stanley’s invite as assistant pastor of First Baptist Atlanta
Mar 4, 2012

WINTER PARK (FBW) –Central Florida pastor Anthony George announced to his congregation at Aloma Church Sunday, March 4 he has accepted the invitation of Charles Stanley at First Baptist Church in Atlanta to serve as that historic church’s assistant pastor.

Aloma’s director of communications told Florida Baptist Witness George described the past nine weeks as a period of intense prayer and searching. He eventually concluded God was calling him to the Atlanta megachurch where Stanley, who served two terms as president of the Southern Baptist Convention, has been pastor for 42 years.

“The most difficult part of the decision was the mere prospect of saying goodbye to the church family. You have encouraged me, supported me, and loved me for fifteen years,” George told the congregation, according to Chris Monaghan, Aloma’s director of communications.

Elected as the fourth pastor of Aloma Church in June of 1997, George followed the 26-year tenure of Joe Boatwright. He will officially assume his role at First Baptist Atlanta April 22.

A Mississippi native, George moved to Neptune Beach in his teens. He is a graduate of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, N.C., and Criswell College in Dallas, Texas.

In leaving Florida, George resigns his seat on the Florida Baptist Convention’s State Board of Missions, where he serves as chairman of the Denominational Polity and Practice Committee. He will also resign his service of 12 years in Florida’s seat on the Board of Trustees at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas, where he has chaired the Academic Administration Committee for the past four years.

“Assisting Dr. Stanley will be a great privilege,” George told the Witness. “Keeping up with him will be the challenge. His worldwide impact for the Gospel has never been greater, yet he’s trusting God for even more.”

stikki (3/5/2012)
A wonderful pastor and we will miss him! - Nikki Smith, Casselberry, FL
bamaburgess (3/5/2012)
First Baptist Atlanta is getting one great preacher. His title will have the word "pastor" in it- just as it's been here at Aloma, and there's no doubt in my mind he'll provide great pastoral care to all in Atlanta that the Lord sends his way. But I've loved calling Anthony George my preacher. I thank God for Anthony George every day. I first heard him preach on September 10th, 2006- and I've prayed for him every single day since then. One-on-one, Pastor Anthony is the real deal- true, genuine and kind. "Man of God" is a label he'll never lose. Stepping to our Aloma pulpit, Pastor has preached the Gospel...preached the Gospel...and preached it some more. He's had an army of three writers working on his sermons here- God the Father, Christ the Son and The Holy Spirit. "God said it- that's all that matters" is a quote of his that comes to mind right now, and it's surely appropriate. One can choose to follow those that "preach" what's often called the "Prosperity Gospel"- or you can follow Anthony George and hear the teachings of THE Gospel. We often disappoint God, and it's safe to say He's not always pleased with us. His Word in it's truest sense tells of both blessing and wrath- and Pastor Anthony George has never shied away from preaching of both. Get ready to be blessed, First Baptist Atlanta. The incredible loss and hurt many at Aloma feel as we prepare for Pastor Anthony's departure is only muted a bit by the knowledge that our preacher is going where God has told him to go. Take care of our preacher, First Baptist Atlanta- and trust that he'll inspire you in return. As for me, I'll continue to pray for my friend every day. May God continue to bless Pastor Anthony George. - Dennis Burgess, Apopka, FL
Mrs Miv (5/20/2012)
He is being missed at Aloma, but we know that is planning greater things for him at FBA. Is exciting to know that the same God is going to bring us someone with a great passion for Christ too. We miss you, Pastor! God bless you! - Miv Hernnadez, Orlando, FL

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