Seven BCF students spend Spring Break in Honduras
May 1, 2012

TEACHING BCF student Nick Carter teaches the children about Jesus as he visited the school at Rorrucca. BCF photo
GRACEVILLE (BCF)—By the end of the day March 23, students at The Baptist College of Florida were buzzing with excitement as spring break arrived and they could put away the books for a few days. Many students were traveling home for the first time during the semester, several had special events planned with family and friends, but all were excited about a week off from assignment deadlines, writing papers, and exams. One group of BCF students, however, spent their holiday on the mission field in Rorrucca, Honduras, with Joshua Creel, the youth pastor from First Newark Baptist Church in Thomasville, Ga.

They felt fear mixed with excitement as the plane lifted off the ground March 25, when the mission team including seven BCF students headed to Honduras. The mission trip was full of “firsts” for many of the students. For some, it was their first time out of the country. For others, it was their first time in an airplane, and they were anxious to reach their destination and get to work. After a safe landing and a short bus ride, BCF students were able to get some rest in anticipation of the long days ahead. 

On the first official workday in Honduras, the group took a six hour bus ride to the city of San Francisco. From there, they left the bus and loaded up on the back of pick-up trucks traveling to the village of Rorrucca. Once the mission team arrived in Rorrucca, they immediately went into the village and began visiting with the people. Traveling from hut to hut, they listened to stories, assessed needs, and experienced firsthand the culture of the Rorruccan people. 

The primary purpose of the mission trip was to establish a food and nutrition center for children, ages fifteen and younger, within the village. “The most emotional part of the trip was seeing these hungry children scarred with skin conditions,” BCF student Nicole Dove said. “Their little bodies had animal and insect bites that could have easily been medicated and in many cases cured by simply applying cream.”

According to BCF student Nick Carter, God opened an even greater opportunity allowing the group to go into the school in the village. It was their understanding that they were the first Americans allowed to visit the children in the school. While in the school, the team members were able to present the Gospel through stories, music, and interaction with the children. Sixty-one of the 91 children from the school attended church that evening where they were fed physically and spiritually. 

BCF students experienced cold showers, hot temperatures, and uncomfortable sleeping arrangements, but returned with high spirits and amazing resolve. Not a single student stated that they regretted spending their spring break in Rorrucca sharing God’s love. “I knew I left something in Honduras—my heart!” said BCF student Josh Wilson.

For more information about BCF’s mission opportunities, visit or call 850-263-3261, ext. 460.


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