Maguire State Mission Offering Prayer Guide
Aug 28, 2012
By FLBaptist STAFF

The Maguire State Mission Offering honors the legacy of John Maguire, who served as the secretary-treasurer of the Florida Baptist Convention from 1945-67; and his wife, Clyde Maguire, a historian, prayer warrior and missions author. 

During their tenure, the Florida Baptist State Convention experienced unparalleled growth. And the couple energetically called upon all Florida Baptists to embrace the Greatest Commandment through the Great Commission task of the mission field John Maguire called “Favored Florida.”


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Pastor Will Daniels planted Deliverance Baptist Church in Marianna to bring the Gospel to African-Americans living in the community. 

The retired Army First Sergeant said he never lost a man in combat. Now as pastor, Will intends to never lose a soul to Satan. As the only African American congregation in the Chipola Baptist Association, the church is going into Marianna’s poorest and crime infested neighborhoods to hold block parties to share to good news of Jesus Christ.

Through an interest-free loan from the state offering, he congregation recently purchased a foreclosed donut shop on Highway 90 to renovate as a new church building. Now within halls dedicated to God’s glory, praise is offered, instead of pastries.  

Pray for Pastor Daniels as he waters, nurtures and grows Deliverance so it will be a lighthouse of compassion to all, celebrating God’s increase in that town.


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After the 2010 earthquake rocked Haiti, Frankel Gabriel, his pregnant wife and two children survived under a tarp as a makeshift house for more than year. Florida Baptists’ Rebuild Haiti constructed a permanent home for the family and new baby, Judeline. In the process, the parents were led to Christ and to a local church. Eighteen months after the infant’s birth, they married in an act of discipleship.

The Gabriels are among 1,025 families to receive a permanent home through Rebuild Haiti; and 165,213 persons led to Christ since the quake by Florida’s missions partners, Confratenite Missionaire Baptiste d’Haiti (CMBH). 

Since its inception with 88 congregations, the CMBH, supported by state offering funds, has grown to 1,554 churches in 15 years proclaiming Christ. 

Pray for the Gabriels as they raise precious Judeline and for the CMBH churches and their pastors as they continue to spread the hope of the gospel in Haiti.


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Among God’s compassionate people are ophthal­mologist Mark Disclafani and Craig Aldridge, an engineer and member at Woodland Baptist in Bradenton. Along with 5,915 trained Florida Baptist disaster relief volunteers they are ready at a moment’s notice to respond when disaster strikes. 

Disclafani puts his surgeon’s hands at risk in disaster relief work as God’s servant, but is “called to minister by spreading hope and serving my fellow man through physical labor.” With a compassionate heart for those with disabilities, Aldridge searches for ways to respond to those in need. 

The deployment of volunteers during Florida’s disaster relief response is underwritten by state offering funds.

Pray for Disclafani, Aldrige and all 6,000 volunteers, for their safety, their commitment and the victims they will minister among in times of crisis.  


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Pray for John Wethington, who along with his wife, Mary, have wrapped arms of compassion around Lake City’s disadvantaged Hispanic community. Since planting La Esperanza Iglesia two years ago, John has planted new churches in Mayo and Chiefland and started a Bible study in Live Oak—all to reach migrant farmworkers and their families. 

“I find it easy to talk to Spanish people about God,” said the bivocational pastor who mows lawns for a living. “They are receptive to the Gospel message.” 

The state offering helps pastors meet emergency and on-going needs among migrants.

Pray for the Wethingtons, the Lake City church and its two missions as it targets the area’s impoverished people with the gospel. 


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Camp WorldLight gave Stefani Varner* “a heart for missions, for the peoples of the world and for the nations.” Later, as an IMB journeyman in south Asia, the young Panhandle woman worked in slums to teach health lessons and build relationships for Jesus Christ with the world’s poorest of the poor. Using henna, the storyteller drew pictures of Gospel stories on the hands and arms of girls she met.

Six Florida Baptist mission camps are underwritten by the state offering, preparing the next generation to respond to the call of God as pastors, church leaders and mission-minded laypeople.

Pray for Varner as she continues to define God’s will for her life and considers returning to the mission field.  


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David Gonzalez is celebrating God’s blessing in Cuba, as the Western Cuba Baptist Convention (WCBC) is planting, watering and nurturing new churches in the island nation.

Gonzalez wears many hats with the WCBC—volunteer coordinator, publishing director and Florida Baptists’ partnership missionary. He is intentional in developing a church planting strategy, by identifying sites for mission groups where new churches are needed. 

Cuban Baptists are experiencing a revival, seeing the number of new converts and churches increase. Hundreds of house churches are being planted. Such would have never happened, David said, without Florida Baptists who supported the WCBC in difficult times after the fall of the Soviet Union which had sustained Cuba’s economy. 

Pray for David and his family, as three generations live in their apartment home—all being vital to the Great Commission work in Cuba.


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As college students David and Tami Wood embarked on “the adventure of a lifetime” through summer missions. That experience led to 16 years of service as international missionaries to West Africa where they in turn recruited collegiate summer missionaries to the mission field. 

Now they are nurturing a love of missions in others. In 2008, the couple returned to Gainesville while Tami trained to meet medical needs in third world countries and David mentored students through Baptist campus ministries. Now he leads students on short-term mission trips worldwide, hoping to infect them with his love of missions. 

Collegiate missions, funded by the state offering, “is vital to the preparation for future missionaries and bringing the lost to Christ,” he said. 

Pray for the Woods as they instill their Great Commission passion in others. 


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The persons you have prayed for during the past seven days are just a few of the thousands whose lives have been impacted by the Maguire State Mission Offering and who depend on Florida Baptists’ commitment to the Great Commission. 

Working together, Florida Baptists are devoted to the ministry of planting, watering and nurturing—starting and strengthening new churches; reaching out through compassionate ministries to those in need; inspiring the next generation of mission leaders; and sharing God’s blessings in partnership states and countries.

As you consider your gift to the Maguire State Mission Offering, remember that it provides funding for 23 compassionate ministries designed to accomplish God’s purpose in Florida and its mission partners.

On this Lord’s Day ask God’s blessings upon His Compassionate People.

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