LMCO: Nepalese believer accepts call to serve
Nov 26, 2012

KATHMANDU, Nepal (BP)—No one accepted us, Agni Amrit* says, hanging his head so low it almost rests on his checkered tie.

Amrit asked 10 people in Kathmandu, Nepal, if he could share a story about his God. Everyone he approached told him to scat. No one wanted to hear about another God—they already have plenty in Hinduism.

You were rejected 10 times, Drew Neely,* an IMB representative and church-planting trainer, repeats.

Amrit nods.

“I hope that gives you joy,” Neely says, pausing for Amrit to meet his gaze.

LIFE OF OBEDIENCE A captivated student in a Kathmandu, Nepal, Bible college listens as an IMB representative challenges prospective young church planters. BP photo
“Brother, when those 10 people rejected you, you shared in the suffering of Christ and that should be cause for rejoicing.”


Both Neely and Amrit feel called by God to be His heart, hands and voice and see new churches start in Nepal.

Amrit is a Nepalese student at a Bible college in Kathmandu. Neely is an American IMB representative who teaches Nepalese believers how to effectively plant new churches. They met after Neely was asked to teach the Bible college students how to plant churches.

Neely hopes that as a result of training at the college, a few of the students will take up the calling to help see the Great Commission fulfilled in Nepal.

Neely doesn’t intend to train the Bible college students and walk away. The training is designed to help him spot those called as church planters, those he’ll continue to disciple.

At the training, he found Amrit.


Amrit, a former drug addict, spent many days, many he can’t remember, abusing substances and ignoring his future. 

JOY IN SUFFERING Students at a Bible college in Kathmandu, Nepal, discuss what Scripture says about suffering. IMB representative Drew Neely (name changed) tells his students, “but in exchange for that suffering, you get to tell someone who has never heard the Gospel about Jesus Christ.” BP photo
He grew up in a Hindu and Sikh family. His mother was healed after she believed in God.

“I went to church, but I never believed in God because I thought that was my responsibility to go, just because of my mother,” Amrit says.

A pastor asked Amrit if he knew about the sin in his life. Amrit didn’t realize his sin condemned him. He soon made a commitment to follow Christ.

Now, he’s a little older, has a faint shadow of a moustache and hopes to plant a church that will minister to his drug addict friends.

Amrit says Neely’s training showed him how to reach out to his friends. He’s learned effective ways to share the Gospel, how to find someone to invest in and how to disciple in a way that leads to church multiplication.

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