Orange County parents urged to speak out against ‘gender identity’ proposal
Dec 10, 2012

 ORLANDO (FBW) – Parents with students in Orange County public schools are being urged to speak out against a proposed “gender identity and expression” proposal the Orange County School Board is set to vote on Tuesday, Florida Family Action said today in an e-mail to supporters.

“The Orange County School Board will attempt to force through a vote this Tuesday night Dec. 11 a dangerous and unbelievable proposal creating a new legal protected class for homosexuals, transsexuals and others ‘protecting’ ‘gender identity and expression,’ which will affect both public school students, teachers and all school employees,” FFA said in a Dec. 10 email.

FFA is the legislative arm of Florida Family Policy Council. Orlando lawyer John Stemberger leads both groups.

FFA said school board Chairman Bill Sublette is “aggressively but almost secretly” pushing the matter without parental or teacher involvement.

Concerned parents are urged to contact school board members to express their opposition and to attend the Orange County School Board meeting Dec. 11 at 5:30 p.m.

FFA opposes the proposal because it creates “new and special rights” for homosexual and transgendered persons, “weakens” Florida’s constitutional marriage amendment, fails to define “gender identity and expression,” “creates legal defenses for pedophiles,” there has been “little to no public notice” about the proposed changes, and “there is no legitimate public policy for this rule change.”

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