Florida DR responds to winter storm damage across the state
Feb 4, 2014
Florida Baptist Convention

RESPONSE After tornados hit Palm Coast, Florida Baptist disaster relief volunteers, including a team from Jacksonville, sprang into action to help survivors repair their homes. . FLBaptist photo
JACKSONVILLE (FLBaptist)—Florida’s winter storms brought tornados, torrential rains and Baptist disaster relief workers scurrying to locations across the state, as well as a letter of appreciation from one city’s officials. 

Florida DR volunteers responded immediately to a tornado that ripped the pre-Christmas calm in Palm Coast Dec. 14 and storms that hit in Jacksonville and St. Lucie during the second week of January.  

After assessing the damage in Palm Coast during the night of the storm, Marvin Corbin enlisted two teams to help in the cleanup and immediate repair of two homes in the area. Corbin serves as DR operations assistant for the Florida Baptist Convention.

A clean up and recovery team from the Jacksonville area consisting of  “Dusty” Greg and Dan Daly of San Jose Baptist Church in Jacksonville and a bucket truck staffed by Larry Alloway and Roger Wolfe of First Baptist Church in Umatilla removed trees from the roof of two homes, placing tarps on roofs where trees penetrated the homes. Chainsaws were taken to other downed trees in back yards. 

WINTER STORMS A pre-Christmas tornado ruined celebrations for several Palm Coast families whose homes were damaged by the wind. FLBaptist photo
Their efforts received a commendation from M.C. Beadle, fire chief of the City of Palm Coast and Kevin Guthrie, public safety emergency manager for Flagler County who expressed appreciation to the Florida Baptist Convention “for your hard work, dedication and assistance to the residence of Palm Coast in the tornado response and recovery.

“Your efforts are greatly appreciated and from the feedback we have received, we know the citizens of Palm Coast share in that gratitude. While we certainly hope we won’t need to come together in disaster again anytime soon, we feel fortunate to have your support and service in times like this.”

Other DR volunteers responded to help North Main Street Baptist Church in Jacksonville, where Pastor Nick Phoenix serves, when a huge water oak on the back of their property split and tore through the church roof. 

Within days, volunteers helped restore the church making it usable for services, reported Corbin.

The downed tree was one of three located on the church’s property, one of which is dead and needs to be removed, Corbin explained.   

UP ON THE ROOF A bucket truck staffed by DR volunteers Larry Alloway and Roger Wolfe of First Baptist Church in Umatilla remove trees and place tarps on a damaged home in Palm Coast. FLBaptist photo
The trees are “huge,” he said, and because the aging church owns the building and has no insurance except liability, “they have to fix everything themselves.”

A team of volunteers will return to the church Feb. 8 to remove and dispose of the trees, bringing a bucket truck and operator, a skid steer loader, a dump trailer and a feeding team, he added. 

On Jan. 17, Florida DR teams were enlisted by Red Cross officials in St. Lucie County to help a family whose home was flooded when 14 inches of rain fell in an afternoon.

DR volunteer Bill Hollingsed, a member of Trinity Baptist Church in Apopka, pulled a team together the next day to tarp the family’s roof. “St Lucie County and the Red Cross were able to take care of most of the damaged homes but had no one with the skills to tarp the roof so they called on us,” explained Corbin. 


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