CP’s far reach told in ‘Rant’ video
Apr 4, 2014

NASHVILLE (BP)—The new Southern Baptist Convention “CP Rant” video communicates to younger generations the vitality and necessity of the Cooperative Program, incorporating humor, fact and colloquial terms, said the team of Louisiana Baptists who produced the video.

“This video presents the absurdity of NOT cooperating and defends the concept of CP through humor and in a way young adults, those who grew up in the ‘Seinfeld era,’ might enjoy and more readily understand,” Matt Tullos, production manager with the Louisiana Baptists team that produced the video, said. “Often in SBC life we tend to soft sell the idea of cooperating and say ‘you should.’ The CP Rant provides an entertaining yet compelling argument for churches to give through the Cooperative Program.”

Southern Baptist churches are encouraged to view the two-and-a-half-minute video, available for free download at www.sbc.net/cp/videos.asp (scroll down to the second video labeled “CP Rant”) in advance of Cooperative Program Sunday, April 13 on the SBC calendar. The animated video features a fictitious, young antagonist questioning why his church should support CP, and a young protagonist pastor pointing out CP’s far-reaching effectiveness.

CP Rant producer John Kyle, director of communications for Louisiana Baptists, said the video is designed to answer questions Southern Baptists voice about the Cooperative Program.

“CP is really the story of every person who gives to the Lord through his local church,” Kyle said. “CP is not simply what the SBC or the state conventions are doing. In fact, it is what the church members are doing, who they are reaching, how they are making a difference, and they need to know. As the primary character states at the end of the video, ‘Somebody had to tell the guy.’

“We attempted to present the case for cooperation in a manner that captures the attention of the audience and makes the case that missions support doesn’t have to be an either/or proposition,” Kyle said. 

“Churches can participate in missions and, at the same time, support missions and ministries in their state and around the world. There is more to missions than ‘just feeling it,’ as one of the characters states.”

The title CP Rant is used positively, drawing on the pastor’s defense of the CP, Kyle said.

“I guess the idea is you get on a roll and you just can’t stop—thus the definition of rant. The main character received a crash course in cooperation, if you will, from his pastor and when the opportunity presented itself, [the pastor] just lets it all out,” Kyle said. “There’s so much about our cooperative efforts that are good and right and needs to be heard by the average church member.”

The Cooperative Program allows churches to support a wide array of ministries and missions by giving one single donation at the state convention level. Donations support evangelism, children’s homes, volunteer missions, missions education, new churches, colleges and universities, collegiate ministries, camps and more.

Ashley Clayton, vice president for Cooperative Program and stewardship development with the SBC Executive Committee, encourages churches to show the CP Rant video this April.

“This new video resource, CP Rant, along with several other Cooperative Program video resources posted on SBC.net, provide our church members an open window to see the good things we do through Southern Baptist Missions and ministries,” he said. 

CP resources are available under the Cooperative Program tab of sbc.net.

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