Florida Bible Drills and Speakers’ Tournament finals include dozens of participants
Apr 17, 2014

The state Bible Drills and Speakers’ Tournament 2014 finals on April 12, which included students from churches from Pensacola to Miami, were the culmination of dozens of church and associational events during March and April. 

The events are managed by volunteers who are dedicated to teaching children to memorize Scripture. 

First Baptist Church in Mt. Dora hosted the standing-room-only crowd in its Family Life Center while the sanctuary undergoes renovations. Children’s Bible Drill finals were held at Baptist College of Florida in Graceville on April 5. 

High School Bible Drills, grades 10-12, Youth Bible Drills, grades 7-9, and Children’s Bible Drills, grades 4-6, require memorization of dozens of Scripture verses and biblical doctrines. Children drillers have 10 seconds to locate a Bible passage, and youth participants must do it in 8 seconds. 

The Locating Book section of the drill included a call for the Book of Joel. One of the students who had stepped forward upon finding the book had to say the book called and the books surrounding it: Hosea, Joel, Amos. Students also had to find Scripture verses and key passages, such as “The Christian’s Armor.” 

In two sections of the drill, drillers were asked to find verses, close their Bibles and quote the verse from memory. The teens quickly stepped forward to quote verses describing the steps to salvation and Bible doctrine. One doctrinal verse answered the question, “What does the Bible say about family commitment?” (Ruth 1:16-17) 

Family and friends, who for months had helped the children finesse their Bible skills, had to keep silent as the children demonstrated their skills during drills. In both the Mt. Dora events and those in Graceville, the rooms erupted in cheers and applause after the final call.

For complete coverage, read the May 1 print edition of the Florida Baptist Witness.

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