Florida Baptist Convention offers regional interim pastor training
Aug 2, 2014
Florida Baptist Convention

JACKSONVILLE (FLBaptist)—Training designed to equip “veteran pastors” to serve as interim pastors will be offered in eight locations in 2014.

Many churches need a qualified and trained interim pastor during a pastoral leadership change, said Lewis Miller, strategist in the Florida Baptist Convention’s Congregational Support Ministries Team, which sponsors the training. 
“There is no greater time to affect change and redirect a church toward health and clarity than during the transition between pastors,” Lewis explained.
“We believe this gives us the opportunity to equip veteran pastors with tools and an intentional process to help congregations gain clarity on their unique kingdom contribution and purpose. We want to develop interim pastors who are dedicated to lead Florida Baptist churches toward a healthier future.”
The “Interim Pastor” training dates and participating associations are: Florida Association, Aug. 5; Emerald Coast, Aug. 6; Santa Fe, Aug. 11; Jacksonville, Aug. 26; Miami, Sept. 2; Greater Orlando, Sept. 9; Gulf Stream, Sept. 16; and Brevard, Sept. 20.  All conferences will be held at the associational offices, except for Orlando, which will meet at Aloma Church in Winter Park.
These Cooperative Program-supported training events are not for everyone, Miller cautioned, but designed to “train and enable legacy pastors who have the experience, energy and expertise to aid in a very crucial time in the life of the local church.”
Interim pastors should not be serving currently in a full-time role, but have “years of pastoral experience, a proven track record and are able to give several days a week or full-time service to this type of ministry,” Miller said. 
“If both the church and interim understand how this interim process is to function, the church can make great strides during this period and be prepared to receive the new full-time pastor when he arrives on the field.”
In the past, this training cost $400 per person for room and board. Miller said by offering the training regionally, the event can be provided at a cost of $25 per person, including lunch, materials and resources. 
The conference begins at 9 a.m. and concludes at 3 p.m. (EST).
For more information and registration assistance, contact the Congregational Support Ministries Team at 800-226-8584, ext. 3072, or 904-596-3072.

Date: Association          
Aug. 5: Florida                    
Aug. 6: Emerald Coast               
Aug. 11: Santa Fe River                
Aug. 26: Jacksonville                
Sept. 2: Miami                      
Sept. 9: Greater Orlando             
Sept. 16: Gulf Stream                 
Sept. 20: Brevard                      

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