Tebow: God gives women power to influence family, friends, communities
Mar 18, 2008
Florida Baptist Convention

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ORLANDO (FBC)—Florida’s women were called to use “miraculous motivating power” to be a positive influence for the Kingdom of God during the “Becoming a Woman of Influence” conference March 3 at First Baptist Church in Orlando.

The conference, held in conjunction with the 2008 iTell State Evangelism Conference, focused on the ways women could become better equipped to be a positive Christian witness at home and in the world.

Keynote speaker Pam Tebow, mother of University of Florida quarterback Tim Tebow, shared her testimony with the women, explaining that even though she believed, she never put her trust in God until college.

Pam Tebow shows a painting of athletes praying that hung on her son’s wall, using it to demonstrate the power of a positive Christian influence in the home.

“It was the first time in my life I felt like I had purpose, like my life counted because I had influence,” said Tebow. “Believing and trusting in Him, that is the foundation for an influential life.”

Tebow encouraged the women to begin with the Bible. “God gives us a manual for our lives. It is a manual for influence and training in righteousness. You need to carry the Scripture with [you] if you are going to influence others,” said Tebow. “You need to influence others around you to love Scripture because you love it. As you share that excitement with the people around you, they will get the picture and understand.”

As women, “God gives us the power to influence our husbands, children, other women, [and] communities,” said Tebow.

“You, women, are the one[s] to challenge your family to do great things for the Kingdom of God. Don’t discount the influence you have. God takes the little bit we give Him and multiples it. We are uniquely created for a specific mission and God gives us missions we can influence through.”

Using the personal story of a Biblical lesson she taught her sons, Tebow illustrated to the women her influence as a mother.

“We told our boys that you will not be great because you can throw a football or baseball, you will be great when you serve,” said Tebow. “That is the example Jesus Christ set for us and you want to become like Jesus Christ.”

Her family’s involvement in missions across the world is something Tebow credits to the influence they received at home. “It is in how you raise your kids,” said Tebow. Her husband, Bob, has his own evangelistic ministry and the family has also served on missions together. Her children are involved in campus ministries, working with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and serving as missionaries overseas.

Tebow will soon have a new platform to share her faith and means to broaden her influence. After discovering that Tebow chose to have faith and not to have an abortion when told her pregnancy with Tim was high risk, pro-life groups have solicited her to speak on their behalf. “I have been amazed at how God has given my family platforms to speak and I am excited that this is a mission God has given me,” said Tebow.

Tebow concluded the conference by encouraging the women to use the “miraculous motivating power of Christ” to reach out to others. “Find a way to share Christ with those in your sphere of influence,” said Tebow. “God will give you opportunities.”

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