Scripture & faith are her secrets to parenting Tim Tebow, mom says
Jan 13, 2009

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With Tim, Tebow said one verse she especially remembers is: “Let another praise you, and not your own mouth; A stranger, and not your own lips” [Proverbs 27:2].

“Somebody else has to praise him, he can’t praise himself,” Tebow said of her son, who by now is quite acclaimed. “And how do you learn that you don’t brag?” she asked rhetorically. “You can tell them that, or the Holy Spirit can prompt them with the powerful Word of God. That’s just so effective.”


The campaign for teaching Tim all that he would face as a talented athlete started early, Tebow admitted, when it was “pretty clear at a young age that God had gifted him in that area.”

“You start when they are five or younger—you don’t start when they are in college,” she said.

Working with her sons on character development through learning about “humility, deflecting the praise, not bragging on themselves”—Tebow said Bible stories, in addition to verses, were helpful.

Reminding them that King Nebuchadnezzar took credit for what God did and so ate grass like a cow, Tebow said, “you know you tell those stories to the little boys and their eyes get big. Or the king that got leprosy because he became proud.”

Teaching a child real humility takes time and can present a challenge—and “little by little, over the course of weeks and months and years … even if they are not the star athlete, they can become proud at any moment,” Tebow said.


In reality, mothering Tebow comes with only two great “secrets,” Tebow shared, and they are closely linked—the Scripture and faith. Of Scripture, Tebow said, “everything you need for life and godliness is there, so we spent a lot of time memorizing Scripture and studying the Bible—a lot of time.”

And to parents, especially moms, Tebow, who is writing a book about parenting she plans to finish this summer, said they should have the faith to trust God for giving them the children they have.

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